Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ask a Chiropractor: What to Know About the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Have you been experiencing a cold, tingling sensation accompanied by weakness and numbness in both hands? You may have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and while it may seem a minor discomfort at first, it can affect your daily life because of how debilitating the symptoms can become.

Knowing the early signs and what happens in severe cases will allow you to make informed decisions on when to visit your chiropractor, so you  and possibly stop the disorder from developing.

Symptoms and Long-Term Effects

The first thing you may notice is a burning sensation that occurs in your thumb and palm or index and middle finger. At night, it may seem that your fingers “fall asleep” and feel numb. During your waking moments, the tingling may run all through your wrist, forearm, and shoulder. These sensations stem from the median nerve, which is a nerve that runs through your arm, into your wrist’s carpal tunnel, and ends in your fingers.